Ladies’ Friday Brunch

Being stay at home moms we constantly need something to look forward to, like a dinner or an outing with friends. Personally I came to love planning dinners and having people over because it means that I will get to have some adult fun and interactions. Since coming to Atlanta, I slowly got to know other stay at home wives/moms through Ali. As our group got bigger it became a little harder to have family dinners where everyone is there, since all the husbands are doctors or working to become doctors and their schedules are never the same.

Once in awhile we would have a ladies get together but that was mostly when there were occasions to celebrate. And we always wanted to meet more but we all just get busy and never do anything. Until last Friday when we had our first Friday brunch and although not everyone was there but we decided that from that point on we will make it a point to meet every Friday for brunch either at someone’s house or outdoors (weather permitting).

I am loving these gatherings because they are stress free we just get together to get out of our homes and enjoy each other’s company. We decided that we will have the brunch every Friday regardless of the number of people. We intend to have a walking club during that time too when we have the brunch outside so we can get some physical activity. Insha’Allah this will be something that will continue on and not die down.


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