The Ugly Poopling

Disclaimer: do not read this while eating or drinking or if you gag easily

         In a home, not far away, where parents and children coexisted, and because the children were newer to the world and more excited by it, there were times when parents and children did not  agree. One of these many times took place when a certain guest arrived, the Ugly Poopling. I could remember it like it was yesterday…

         It was a sunny evening when I decided to take a break by having my daughter take a bath and play in the water for a bit. At this point (at 2 years old) she is potty trained and I am 8 months pregnant with the twins. Like many mothers there are only a few moments in the day when we can actually have some alone time, and kiddy bath time can be one of them. Like always, we went through our pre-bath routine, selecting the clothes and toys, using the potty, and filling up the tub. For me, life at this point was a race against the clock to try and finish few of the many household chores on my list.

         I put my baby in the bath and every couple of minutes I would check in on her to make sure that she was fine and not splashing water on the bathroom floor. When it was almost time to get her out I began to drain the tub and let her play until the water was completely gone. I would clean and dress her up and go about my day, or so I thought…

         A few minutes after pulled the tub stopper I heard the infamous cry, “Maaaaaamaaaaaa.” I froze in place speechless over the sight I was greeted with. Oh no! It was the Ugly Poopling! Not only was it there but, she was so excited and amazed by it! It redecorated the bathtub and all the toys in it! This was truly one of the times when I sincerely hoped I could in turn cry out, “Baaaaaabaaaaa!” To all adults, the Ugly Poopling is truly ugly and unsanitary and not for play. For exploring toddlers, on the other hand, it is anything but that! It is a new and thrilling discovery!

         If you, dear reader, are a new or expecting parent and thinking,  “my child will never play with his or her poop!” or “this will never happen!”…think again!