Noah’s Flood

So it has been proven time and time again that kids love water. To my daughter playing in the water is her most favorite activity, until she sees that her fingers have gotten wrinkly at which point she demands to be taken out immediately. She even attempted to have Noah’s flood in our bathroom, although I have not told her the story since she is not at the age where she will be able to understand it. But she attempted and here is how;

It was close to the end of a very stressful, tiresome day, I decided to have my daughter take a bath before her dad came home and that way when it is time to go to bed, she will hopefully sleep soundly, or as the elder women always said. Like always I filled the tub turned off the water and gave her toys and went out to check on the twins who were about 4 weeks old at that point. My son was up crying and wanted to eat so I sat and fed him, during which I could hear her playing happily in the water.

Once he was done I put him down and made my way towards the bathroom to check on her and see if she is ready to come out. And that was when I stepped in it. Walking through the laundry room to get to the bathroom I suddenly stepped in a pool of water. Surprised and not knowing where it came from, my first thought was the washing machine because I had a load running and it did leak once before. When I went to check I noticed that the water did not reach the area where the machine was. Instead the water was coming from the bathroom…I rush in to see what happened and I find that my precious daughter did not feel like the tub was full enough and decided to turn the water on herself and let it run. The idea of an over flowing tub was a novel one for her and she found it fascinating, the water was just leaving the tub on its own and she did not have to use her jug.

What surprised me more than the over flowing tub was how calm I was, I did not yell or start punching the pillow I just walked over turned off the water and unplugged the tub and then started placing towels on the floor to absorb all the water. There are a couple of factors, which I think resulted in my reaction or lack there of; the most important one is exhaustion. I was simply too tired to feel anything.


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