Hippo Hop Kingdom

Once upon a time there lived two happily married couple with an adventurous, active, and lively little princess. Summer days were perfect days for the family; they went on many adventures and travelled to new parts of the land. Out of all activities, the little princess loved running, playing and exploring the world around her. Then winter came and it became difficult for the family to keep their little princess entertained.

Until one day they discovered a magical kingdom that catered for both adults and children alike. No, it is not a fast food place with a kids play area; it was the Hippo Hop Kingdom. It is a magical kingdom filled with inflatable bouncy houses, obstacle courses, a designated area for mothers who breast feed, a cafeteria with seating for adults, and free WI-FI. Oh! And did I mention that adults are free and it is in-door so the parents did not worry about their kids running off?

And so, Hippo Hop has become the family’s favorite destination because it is the one place where their kids can play while the parents enjoy some alone time over coffee or a tuna melt sandwich. If you ask the parents, they couldn’t be more thankful for such an outing, since going on any kind of outing/date alone is not as easy to accomplish now that there are 3 kids under 3.


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