Sharing is NOT Always Caring!

We were always told as kids that sharing is caring, at home and in school, from our parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, basically every grownup that crossed our path. And as a parent people start talking to you about the importance of teaching your kids to share. Here is what I have to say about this, sharing is not always caring. And here is why:

When you have a toddler teaching him/her concepts like sharing are hard because they can’t understand or make sense of everything. Some things they get but there are others that just pass over their heads and as they hear you instructing them it is like they are listening to a foreign language.

When it comes to toddlers and sharing they just don’t know when, with who and how to share. Take my eldest for example, like all mothers I would always tell her to share and encourage it, but what I failed to mention was how. So when her siblings arrived she wanted to share certain things with them, but there was little problem they were always in their crib, now her solution was to throw what ever it is she wanted to share with them into the crib for them to play with. The thought was nice but the action not so and at times depending on what it is she wanted to share may even be deadly. So parents be sure to tell your kids how to share and with who and not just tell them share with your sibling.


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